Nanoboyut Research Group (NRG) is interested in research and development of semiconductor based nanotechnologies. Most of the studies are performed in a 200 m2 of clean room at Nanoboyut Research Laboratory as a separate building embodied in the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science at Eskişehir Technical University. The building contains two 1000 and one 100 class clean rooms. In one of the 1000 class room, there is a Veeco GEN20MC molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system for III-V group material growth. While the photolithographic processes are carried out in a 100 class clean room, opto-electronic and structural characterizations are performed in another 1000 class clean room. 
        NRG is a group that carries out joint studies with different research groups and looks enthusiastically for new collaborations.





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